Super Bowl advertisers missed an opportunity to extend the value of their ads into the digital space

Average index of conversation volume for Super Bowl advertisers compared to pre-Super Bowl levels

See part one of our analysis where we compared the increase in conversation volume across brands:

Seven days after the Super Bowl, the parade down Bourbon street is over and the sports world has moved on to The Olympics and the playoff races in the NBA and NHL and the beginning of MLB spring training.

Consumers have moved on too. As in, they’ve moved on from talking about the brands that advertised during the Super Bowl. In fact, while conversation volume spiked to an average of seven times the pre-Super Bowl level, after only seven days, it has trailed off to being almost flat; a mere 5% higher than when they started.

And, that’s a shame because that didn’t have to be the case. Unfortunately, the brands that spent $3 MM per spot on Super Bowl advertisement missed a golden opportunity to extend the value of that media buy by engaging consumers who are talking about their ads and turning that conversation into meaningful, broader conversation around their brands.

There’s always next year – That’s something brands have in common with Peyton Manning and the Colts. Hopefully next time brands dedicate major budget to traditional media, they’ll create a bridge that allows the audience to continue talking about their brands in the digital space.

Of course, each brand has its own objectives and unique set of circumstances, but here are four ideas that brands can execute that will make their television media spend work harder for them in the digital space:

  • Thank consumers for their interests by responding to the comments they leave about your advertisements on the social web.

Imagine if Doritos surprised consumers who left comments about their commercials by inviting them to follow them on Twitter or fan them on Facebook and then sent them a coupon for a free bag of chips

  • Invite consumers to participate in an extension of your ad by creating an opportunity and an incentive for them to develop content that builds on your advertisements.

Imagine if Budweiser asked consumers to build their own items out of bottles of Bud Light. Or, what if they had paid artists to build stuff for them and asked consumers to comment on those items or vote for a winner. Or, what if they had actually built a house out of Bud Light and had a contest where they asked consumers to tell them about their best party story for a chance to host their friends at the Bud Light house for a massive party.

  • Invite consumers to create your ad for next year’s Super Bowl or to create follow up ads for the campaign

Imagine if Google had invited consumers to create their own Google search scripts to be used in banner ads across the internet. Or, what if KGB invited customers to submit questions they’ve always wanted to know the answer to that could be featured in upcoming TV commercials

  • Incorporate your ad as part of an event disseminated through social media

Imagine if Boost mobile invited customer in every NFL city to a flash-mob style event and pitted the cities against each other in a contest to see who could get the most people involved. Or, what if Honda created a Cross Country Tour where they set up in locations disclosed through social media and invited people to test drive the new Cross Tour they had just advertised while giving test drivers a chance to win a free vehicle


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